Perfectly Practicing Gods Presence

Psalms 101

  1. Your vision must line up with Gods vision which is the theme song of God.
  2. We can only learn how to Perfectly Practice Gods Presence through the unified submission of Jesus fivefold ministers.
  3. Master emptying yourself out helps you enter his presence
    1. Mastering emptying yourself means you have learned the art of release
    2. Art of release is the mastering letting go what is time to let go
    3. Art of Release brings true healing that is established
    4. Master submission keeps you in his presence. (maintains)
      1. Means your brokenness in God has married his humility
      2. The marriage of the two produce wholeness
      3. Wholeness produces sustained peace
        1. a peace that can stand up against spirits of infiltration
        2.  Peace doesn’t mean oblivious to what is transpiring around and inward but to the contrary it means I trust God in spite of what is transpiring.
        3. Totality of surrender trust is true peace – there is no but or what if cause have learned how to rest.
        4. My life becomes a song unto God when I perfectly practice Gods Presence.
          1. Vibrations of frequency manifest an interpreted song
          2. Wrong vibration of frequency release signals which alert demons to where you are
          3. Correct vibration of frequency release signals that draw the Angelic
          4. His Love is perfected in me when I perfectly practice Gods Presence.
            1. Love meaning the full dimensions of Love Matt 5:44;1 John 4:18Eph. 3:18
            2. I can make the right decisions and weigh situations correctly when I learn how to perfectly practice Gods presence.
            3. A lying spirit tries to attach when you perfectly practice Gods presence. Vs :7


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